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Posted: 11/14/2016 10:16:28
Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know that we are running some bonuses for the rest of November.

10% Funding Bonus
Fund any amount using our new funding button and when I add your funds I will give you a 10% bonus on whatever you deposit. For example, if you fund $1.00 I will give you a $0.10 bonus, for $5.00 you get $0.50, $10 you get $1.00, etc. etc.

50% off Lifetime Membership
We are offering a 50% off promotion on our Lifetime Gold Membership. Being upgraded raises both your click rates and your referrals (direct and rented) click rates. Upgraded members also receive commissions on all purchases by their referrals (direct and rented). Also you receive more daily chances at the CoinGrid Game.

You must fund your account to upgrade so you can earn a 10% Funding bonus and also get 50% off the Lifetime member. Plus if you're a Pioneer member you can get another 10% discount on the Lifetime membership! (Pioneer Members: $45/Lifetime)

This is the best time to get your Lifetime Upgrade. Remember, we will only be creating 99 more Lifetime Gold Upgrades, so if you want one and want to pay the least amount for it, now is the time!

***Getting a lifetime membership means you will earn the maximum on current features and also will earn more off all future add-on features.***

Fund from Dashboard
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Posted: 11/19/16 03:03:10
sounds good..
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