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What is bitPTC?

A PTC (Paid to Click) is a site where you get paid to click on ads. bitPTC is a PTC that pays you in Bitcoin. Our project started in early 2014 and has been a growing work-in-progress every since.

Designed for Bitcoiners

bitPTC was built specifically for Bitcoiners. We pay our users in Bitcoin and accept only Bitcoin for advertising orders.

Satoshi in Seconds!

We use basically the same concept as a Bitcoin Faucet, only here you can claim at an average of 10 seconds! Why wait minutes, hours, or days?

Niche Targeting

Our advertisers are able to laser target their Bitcoin Advertising Campaigns! We guarantee that everyone we show your ad to is a Bitcoin User.

More Mobile-friendly

In this update version we are working to make the bitPTC user experience more mobile friendly. Contact us with any issues.

Custom Script

Our scripting is completely unique. bitPTC has been developed from the ground up to allow us full control over every function.

We love coffee!

Like what we're doing? Wanna see more? You can buy us a coffee to show you appreciate our hard work.


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  • Real Time Statistics
  • Niche Traffic - Guaranteed BTC Users
  • Easy, Fast, & Cost Effective
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