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Posted: 11/15/2016 10:08:25
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Hi guys,

I see a lot of people adding their advertising, but for some reason nobody is purchasing advertising packages to get their ads into circulation. Therefore I decided to write a little tutorial on how to advertise on our site.

Advertising Packages

You can view all of our current advertising options on this page. At the time of this writing we are offering three types of advertising.

Paid To Click Ads: Our paid to click ads show to our members for different amounts of time. The user must stay on the page for the allocated amount of time in order to be credited. PTC ads can also be highly targeted to show to specific members. You can target your ads to show to specific gender, country, age groups, or upgraded members only.

Coingrid Ads: Coingrid Ads show to our user when selecting a spot on our Coingrid Game. Users can win cash prizes for viewing your site. The amount of time the member must stay on your ad depends on their Upgrade Level. Free members must stay on your page at least seven seconds to be credited their chance and possibly win a cash prize. Coingrid Ads can also be targeted.

Banner Ads: We show banner ads throughout the site. Currently we offer two types of banner ads.

We show MellowAds Banners at the top of most pages and within the PTC & Coingrid Frame. To advertise with Mellow ads you can click the little tree icon (pictured below) in the upper right hand corner of the banner in the place you would like to advertise.

We also offer site wide banner placement at the bottom of most pages. These banners can be purchased directly from our site for week, month, or year long placements.

Purchasing Advertising

To purchase advertising with bitPTC, you will first need to be a member of our site. You can register for free at anytime from the "Register" button in the InfoBar at the top of the site.

The following information is outdated. Funding your account is now instant and easier than ever! Please refer to our new Funding Page.

Once registered you will need to be logged in and from the Dashboard click the "Pay with Bitcoin" button in the right hand column of the Dashboard under "Fund Your Account Here". Please note that funding is currently not instant. I will usually fund your account within an hour or two but it can take up to 24 hours for funding to be completed. For complete funding details, click here.

After your account is funded you can transfer your funds to your Advertising Account by using the link "Fund Advertiser Balance".

Create Campaigns

While you wait for your funding to complete you can setup your campaign(s). Add banners or pages and setup campaigns buy using the links in the left column of the Dashboard under the "Advertising" Section. Click on the type of ad you want to set up and then click the "Create a Campaign" button and fill out all the required info.

That's it! I hope this tutorial will help.

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Posted: 01/11/17 03:33:17
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