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Posted: 02/09/2017 09:47:00
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We've come a long way since beginning with this script. In the beginning everything was done manually and our users had a hard time with Withdrawals and Deposits.

Today, the user experience is much, much easier. I have also managed to do some work on Admin functions which has made my job a lot easier as well.

Bitcoin Only? Why USD?

This script was intended for use with payment processors that handle amounts in USD. Even though everything is listed in USD we only accept and pay in Bitcoin. When Cashing out or Depositing our scripts automatically convert the USD amounts into Bitcoin based on the current USD/BTC trade rate at Coinbase

Cashing Out - How to Withdraw your Balance

Requesting Cashout is now very simple. If you have reached a minimum of $0.15 in your balance you need only click the "Cashout" button on the Dashboard and enter in the Bitcoin Address that you wish to be paid to. Your request will be processed within 48 hours.

We now have three options for cashout. All payment accounts are free to join. There are join links on the Cashout page.

  1. Coinbase Accounts: We pay direct to your Coinbase account.
    Enter your Coinbase registered email account.

  2. ePay Accounts: We pay direct to your ePay account. Enter in a Bitcoin Address linked to your ePay account.

  3. [li]FaucetHub Accounts: We pay direct to your FaucetHub account. Enter in a Bitcoin Address linked to your FaucetHub account.

Depositing - How to Add Funds for Ads, Upgrades, Rentals

Deposits had been a nightmare situation here at bitPTC since we changed scripts in October 2016. Since the process was not streamlined and simple, we simply didn't make any kind of sales....

But no more! Now simply click the "Fund Your Account" button on the Dashboard and you will be taken to the funding page where you can view information on the different types of deposits and what they are used for. Then simply choose which kind of funding and make a payment.

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Posted: 02/26/17 05:41:17
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