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Posted: 10/08/2016 11:40:47
Message edited at 10/09/16 10:25:36
Almost three years ago I sat down with the idea of building a PTC for the Bitcoin community. Through my self-education I was able to put together the site that has been paying Bitcoin lovers for over two years now.

However, I am not a professional programmer, nor do I have the time to do the programming that bitPTC needed to be a great site. So, I have finally decided to give bitPTC the makeover it needs to continue into the future.

Welcome to bitPTC 2.0! We have acquired an awesome new script that I'm sure you'll love! We will still be providing our members with PTC ads to click every day, but we will be adding so much more earning potential! We will be continuously working on the new features so be sure to stick around!

Advertisers In Previous System:

If you had an active ad it has been transferred into the new system. To take control of the advertisement you will have to register an account with us then send me a ticket with your advertisement info. I will move the ads to your account ASAP.

Users of Previous System:

To get started just register a new account with our new system.

Unfortunately, due to my lack of programming skills, the old system data is completely incompatible with the new system. There is no way I can get accounts to transfer. I'm deeply sorry for this inconvenience, please know I tried to get it to work, but it's just not possible. I hope that the increased earning capabilities and overall much better user experience can overcome this issue.

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Posted: 10/10/16 12:48:31
Thank you for this update. More power!
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